About NACI

What is NACI

The National Advisory Council on Innovation (NACI) has been created by legislation and the NACI Council is appointed by the Minister for Science and Innovation to advise him/her, and through the Minister, the Cabinet, on the role and contribution of science, mathematics, innovation and technology, including indigenous technologies, in promoting and achieving national objectives, namely to:

  • improve and sustain the quality of life of all South Africans
  • develop human resources for science and technology
  • build the economy
  • strengthen the country’s competitiveness in the international sphere.

The membership of NACI is broadly representative of all sectors and is constituted in a manner that ensures a spread of expertise and experience regarding: national and provincial interests; scientific and technological disciplines innovation the needs and opportunities in different socio-economic fields; and research and development in all sectors.


The members of NACI, other than the CEO and the officer from DTI, are appointed in their personal capacity due to their outstanding achievement in any field of Science & Technology, or in the context of innovation, special knowledge, experience and insight into the role and contribution of innovation, in promoting and achieving national and provincial objectives.


Executive Committee

The duties of the Executive Committee (ExCo) are to dispose of matters determined by the Council. The ExCo’s terms of reference and decision-making power for each matter referred, are decided by NACI. The ExCo meets every month.