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Webinar: Assessing the Viability of Utility Scale Energy Storage in South Africa
  • The National Advisory Council on Innovation (NACI), established a Committee on Energy Storage to consider and provide direction for the successful development of an energy storage market in South Africa. The committee consisted of energy storage experts from state-owned companies (SOCs), science councils, academic institutions, and local government. The recently completed policy study assesses the market viability of a utility-scale stationary energy storage with a particular focus on the industrial, commercial transport, local government and residential sectors and provide policy recommendations for the development of different market segments in South Africa. The report seeks to answer two policy questions, namely:
    • How should the South African government enable the development and growth of a utility-scale stationary energy storage market in the country, given its available policy levers and best practices globally?
    • If the South African fiscus is to invest in accelerating the uptake and adoption of utility-scale energy storage, how to prioritise efforts and investment into possible interventions needed by the country to unlock this market potential?

    NACI cordially invites you to a stakeholder engagement webinar on the viability of utility scale energy storage in South Africa, to take place on the 16th of August 2022. Click here to register by 10th of August 2022 to participate. Click here to access the report Assessing the Viability of Utility-Scale Energy Storage: Policy Study

Enquiries: Contact Ms. Mavis Masia via email:

  • Inaugural Annual NACI  Science, Technology and Innovation Colloquium will be held on the 8-9 September 2022.

The National Advisory Council on Innovation (NACI) invites you to a science, technology and innovation (STI) policy colloquium on 8 and 9 September 2022.  The colloquium, which is planned to become an annual event, will offer opportunities for learning, knowledge exchange and discussion on the production of the evidence necessary to influence STI policy choices and actions.

For enquiries please contact Ms. Thina Litshani at  or 073 502 8200

To register for the Webinar please click this link

The Webinar will be also Livestreamed on Department of Science and Innovation’s Facebook page