About us

The National Science, Technology and Innovation Information Portal (NSTIIP) is a central repository of useful and up-to-date science, technology and innovation data and information within a national system of innovation (NSI). This online platform is a multi-year project that is being developed through phase approach. The first phase is piloting of the Portal using the initial set of data. The second phase entails upscaling of the Portal to include more features. The following are the objectives of the NSTIIP:

  1. To enhance knowledge about the NSI and encourage a realistic adoption of a culture of innovation.
  2. To decrease the existing fragmentation of information on innovation.
  3. To provide access to a range of data, reports, analyses, discussions and other information related to the NSI to all NSI stakeholders.
  4. To collect and curate accurate data and information about the NSI.
  5. To assist in bridging identified gaps in information about the NSI.
  6. To enable wider involvement and reduce duplication of innovation experts' research towards the common goal of facilitating economic and social development.
  7. To facilitate benchmarking of the NSI with other systems and to facilitate the development of an appropriate NSI for South Africa.