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NSTIIP stands for the National Science, Technology and Innovation Information Portal. It is a partnership initiative between the Department of Science and Technology and the National Advisory Council on Innovation, an advisory body to the Minister of Science and Technology established in terms of the NACI Act 55 of 1997 (

The NSTIIP is an information storage and dissemination platform that is intended to be a single point of access for all stakeholders to draw and deposit information on measures and analyses of all aspects of the national system of innovation. It provides up to date, accurate information and perspectives on the state of the national system of innovation in South Africa.

The NSTIIP is being implemented in a two-phase approach, the first being the design, development and piloting. For purposes of this first phase of the portal, only a limited initial amount of data and information has been included. The second phase will be the up-scaling and ongoing evolution which will involve the incorporation of experience and learnings derived from the first phase in order to improve the NSTIIP functionalities and designs.

Access to all the products and services provided by the portal can be obtained through the following URL address:


The NSTIIP is an open access platform. Users will not be charged any access fees.

The NSTIIP contains a range of specific policy information as well as a time series of indicators that enable an assessment of all aspects of the NSI performance. The data included in the NSTIIP is in an aggregated format to avoid issues of confidentiality as it is not necessarily collected by NACI. The data is mostly obtained through agreements with publicly funded institutions mandated with its collection. The NSTIIP includes links to other data sources where necessary and possible.

No registration is required to access the general information contained in the portal. However, in cases where a user needs to gain access to specific information that is not readily available, or to participate in services such as blogs, the login function can be used. For this purpose, users will be required to register and get login details. The registration process will also gather additional information in terms of who is using the Portal and for what purpose.

Reliable and accurate data on science, technology and innovation is useful to assess progress in the various elements of the national system of innovation and to measure the contribution to national development. Such information enables policy makers, stakeholders and experts to make informed decisions in planning and to formulate appropriate policies to develop national objectives.

Should you need any assistance with accessing the NSTIIP data and information, kindly contact NACI on the following details:

National Science Technology and Innovation Information Portal

National Advisory Council on Innovation

Suite L2, Enterprise Building, Mark Shuttleworth Street, The Innovation Hub, Pretoria, 0087

Telephone: 012 844 0925

Email address:

All feedback and related communication with regards to the NSTIIP can be directed as follows:


Telephone: 012 844 0925